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kelsparkly's Journal

Kelsey or Kelsay depending on who you are.
Some Days I'm a Super Bitch Next Day I'm Your SuperGirl♥
My journal is just a bunch of my daily rambles and musings about being a teenage girl. and from time to time, I do fangirl over my television shows [listed in a different box] I'm not too strict on friending. Just be sure you comment before adding me and make sure we have stuff in common. I'll need time to think too ;)
Hiii, I'm kelsey. I'm a senior in high school and it's pretty dang epic, and I cannot wait until college. I'll be a student in a university studying fashion. I like meeting new people and having fun. AND I LIKE THE SHIFT BUTTON TOO. I FEEL I CAN REALLY EXPRESS HOW EXTREME I FEEL WITH CAPS Y'KNOW? IF YOU DON'T LIKE THIS, YOU PROBABLY SHOULDN'T ADD ME :(
MUSIC IS IN MY SOUL: the red hot chili peppers. christina aguilera. boys like girls. natasha bedingfield. van halen. black eyed peas. stevie wonder. cobra starship. paramore. the mars volta. nickelback. britney spears. ozzy ozbourne. duffy. the jonas brothers. sometimes miley cyrus.
Words, Words, Words [Hamlet]: memoirs of a geisha. great expectations. dude, where's my country?. sisterhood of the traveling pants. gossip girl. designer knockoff. grave apparel. the great gatsby. one flew over the kuckoos nest. hamlet. to kill a mockingbird. all american girl. riding freedom
TV?!: The Office. Desperate Housewives. Family Guy. Friends. Gossip Girl. The Girls Next Door. Iron Chef. E!. Gilmore Girls. The Food Network. What not to Wear.